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Superior Quality


Progenex is the leading premium protein supplement for CrossFitters.


After an intense workout, your body needs to recover quickly. Progenex hydrolyzed protein supplements will help to accelerate your recovery to allow you to train again sooner.


Build lean muscle and recover strong after every workout. Progenex accelerates muscle recovery, growth, repair & strength.


Your training produces results – so should your supplements.



Trustworthy Ingredients.


Progenex is made with natural ingredients so athletes can use this on a regular basis without any hesitation or the need for cycling.


We use only the very best premium quality ingredients. Each product has been specifically designed to provide your body with the right levels of ingredients to maximize absorption by your body.


Even better still…… Progenex makes sure all their products are not only good for you, they taste great as well!
















Bag Snatch gym bags look sleek, but our priority was to develop a product with exceptional functionality


Our gym bags are masterfully crafted from water resistant 1000D Cordura Nylon. The same fabric trusted by the US military.


. Our designs provide storage solutions to satisfy the needs of athletes at all levels





Disgruntled with featureless, bland sports bags, unsuitable for daily WODs, local weekend or interstate travel to competitions, Bag Snatch owner David Stubs put his extensive organisational skills into practice and created Bag Snatch.
“Bag Snatch is inspired by not only the elite, but also by those aiming towards their first unassisted pull –up, and every level in between”.
Each and every individual that pushes beyond his or her comfort zone deserves the kind of kit that is incomparable, is of the highest quality and delivers great functionality. Bag Snatch delivers all this and more.







NC Fitness Gear are a family owned sports and fitness equipment retailer operating out of South East Melbourne, Victoria.


We are an Australian owned and operated and have extensive knowledge in the fitness industry.


As a team that includes personal trainers, CrossFit athletes, professional boxers and boxing trainers, we understand our products and how they should perform.


We work closely with many Box Owners, Gyms, Personal Trainers MMA, Kickboxing & Boxing Gyms to achieve the highest quality equipment we can supply. Each and every product is tested by us and an independent trainer before any item is approved for sale, so you can rest assured that we trust it and industry professionals trust it.


We stand by our products and offer a money back guarantee for any products that do not perform for their intended use.








RXD Unbroken was created to target key issues commonly experienced by CrossFit athletes such as torn and callused hands, bruises, grazes and muscle soreness.


RXD Unbroken is also suitable for and used by weightlifters, gymnasts, rowers, aerial artists and rock climbers, just to name a few!


So why us? Unlike some other products on the market, we formulate our products with purpose and quality as we have the understanding and knowledge of each of the ingredients. Plus we are always endeavoring to improve our products with the aid of research. It is our aim to make sure you stay in working order so you can perform as optimally as possible!






Savvy Human Blue


Savvy Touch is a range of naturally based products using the best ingredients from New Zealand and around the world, designed developed and manufactured in New Zealand by a dedicated team with only one aim – to bringing you the best products in the world! It’s the range that has Savvy!








WOD FREAK founder and owner Daniel originated and released the brand on the Gold Coast in 2015.


Daniel, a lover of all things competitive in sport turned to CrossFit after many years in the gym and working as a Personal Trainer. He sought a new challenge, something higher than he’d ever come across in all of his years as a trainer and an athlete.


CrossFit was the epitome of all sports rolled into one elite world of training.


It not only offered the opportunity to challenge you physically and mentally but with an incredible communal spirit like no other!


Dan had found his place in fitness once again and began his personal goal setting towards being the best he could possibly be.


With Dan’s passion for high-quality training apparel and equipment, he soon realized that there were many lacking area’s in the CrossFit market for serious training gear that delivered the benefits to his WOD’s as well as preventing injuries to sustain frequent training.


After many years of experience in the fitness arena, he decided to take his ideas and apply them to the manufacturing of high-quality apparel and equipment.


WOD Gear that is affordable and works!!!






Supplement your Health



What makes us unique?


The supplement market is a minefield….so many options to choose from and how do you know what is actually improving your health and what is harming it??


At Supplement Your Health we pride ourselves on sourcing high-quality protein’s, supplements and health products that aren’t a chemical cocktail of toxic products doing more harm than good.


We cater for those who are health conscious, those that want the performance and health benefit from clean whole foods.


We have over 30years Experience in the Health and Fitness Industry and don’t stock any product we haven’t personally tried and tested on our Athletes or ourselves. So if you are looking to make a difference to your own Health and Wellbeing or wish to improve your athletic performance then take the time to check out our range.


If you want advice or tips on what sort of supplement would best suit your chosen sport or lifestyle then contact us today!








Clean eating never looked so good. Raw Fudge Power protein balls are packed with high-grade whey protein and make for the perfect treat or pre/post workout snack. Engineered by fitness freaks for fitness freaks, these delicious snacks include ingredients that your nutritionist would get excited about. Premium quality dates, the finest raw cocoa and our secret blend of seeds and fruits make the Raw Fudge Power protein balls something to be desired.


In a short space of time, our boutique production process and attention to quality ingredients has really cut through with the health and fitness industry.


Once you’ve had a bite, you’ll never look back.