WebEx Information for Hosts

How to install Webex

As a host you should run Webex on a computer or laptop primarily for more screen space.
The Webex App is available for desktop/laptop platforms using the link below:
  • Desktop (Mac / Windows)
“Webex Meetings”

How to run Webex for the first time and create an account

As the host you will need to create a Webex account. Follow the steps below to create an account.

This should be using the same email address you provided to Masters League previously. Your account will be added as a host to the system.

How to join meetings

You will join the meeting exactly the same way as the athlete, using the email invitations you will receive leading up to the day.

On the day, follow the steps shown below to join the meeting. You will join as a host which will start the meeting and allow people to join.

NOTE: Don’t join the meeting until the day of the event, when you are ready to host the event.

How to host meetings

The video below explains the steps to take once you’ve joined a meeting as a host.